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Accessing Legal Advice

How To Interview Your Lawyer Before Hiring Him or Her

by Leroy Duncan

Do you require legal services? An interview is the best way to determine if a lawyer is qualified to handle your matter. The article below discusses a few questions to ask your lawyer to during this interview.

What is Your Specialisation? 

Preferably, work with a lawyer that has dealt with similar matters in the past. It is a guarantee that he or she understands the due process and any problems you may encounter before resolving the issue. You will be confident if the lawyer has a high success rate in similar matters. Inquire what kind of services the solicitor will provide. For instance, if you intend to adopt a child from overseas, you need a lawyer who can represent you in Australia and abroad. 

What Is the Probability of a Positive Outcome? 

The lawyer should break down the issue at hand and predict the possibility of a positive outcome. For instance, it may be challenging to adopt a child if you do not have sufficient finances to raise him or her. The matter must meet the required legal criteria. For example, the Family Court of Australia requires divorcing couples to be separated for at least one year. 

If your lawyer thinks that you cannot win the case, he or she will conduct some damage control. For instance, a parent seeking custody to a child can get visitation rights while a person accused of a criminal charge can get a reduced sentence. 

How Will You Prepare?

More often than not, legal matters are determined by the evidence presented in court. Therefore, your lawyer will gather sufficient evidence to argue out your case. Your conduct can significantly affect the outcome of the matter. For example, you could be held in contempt of court if you miss mandatory court sessions, present fake documents or lie under oath. 

The solicitor should also prepare you for court sessions. For example, how can you avoid contradictory statements? How can you win over the jury to ensure a positive outcome?

How Much Will the Service Cost? 

Most lawyers will charge per hour and send a weekly or monthly invoice. Inquire what services the lawyer will charge. For instance, will he or she charge you when you make a phone call? You may also have to pay extra charges, such as administrative charges and court application fees. Some lawyers will give free consultation, discounts or pro bono services if you cannot afford legal fees.

When hiring a lawyer, inquire about his or her specialisation, the possibility of a positive outcome, preparation procedure and the legal charges. Start your search by speaking with local solicitors