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Accessing Legal Advice

Important Things You Should Know About Commercial Litigation

by Leroy Duncan

If you have a business, whether big or small, it is not uncommon for you to experience legal problems brought about by issues such as contract disputes, debt recovery, bankruptcy, dissolution, employment disputes, compliance problems, professional negligence, mergers and acquisitions, trademark and copyright infringement, etc. Here's what you need to know to not get caught on the wrong side:


It is usually said that prevention is better than cure; therefore, when you are starting any business, it is a good idea to hire a corporate/business lawyer to help guide you, which can be in the form of advice.

You are required to comply with various rules and regulations related to the operation of your kind of business. These rules are set by your local government or international bodies. At times, you might not be aware of all the rules; be on the safe side and hire a business lawyer who has helped businesses like yours in the past. He or she is always up to date with legal matters relating to your kind of business and helps you meet all the requirements and avoid concerns that would bring about commercial litigation.

Commercial Litigation

If, for some reason, you find your business in circumstances that might lead to commercial litigation, you should find the services of a commercial litigation consultant. Ensure that the consultant handles or has handled a business similar to yours in the past.

The first thing that all commercial litigation consultants encourage you to do is try to avoid litigation. That is, they try and act like a mediator between your business and the opposing party to avoid taking the case to a court. The court process might be tedious and expensive, and you might lose clients if your company's name is tarnished in a public courtroom.

If it is not possible to dismiss the litigation, your commercial litigation lawyer needs to be professional enough to not add insult to injury, especially if your business is at fault. If your business is in the wrong, it is always ethical to accept your fault and settle on a fair remuneration amount. It is usually best that your lawyer communicates with the lawyer of the opposing party.

Sometimes, if you are in the wrong, your presence can make things worse and the opposing party can become emotional and refuse settlement. This takes the case to court and you might end up paying more than you had offered, risking bankruptcy and soiling your business name.