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Accessing Legal Advice

What Things Affect Your Claim After a Car Accident?

by Leroy Duncan

Driving on modern roads comes with some apparent risks. First, the existence of features such as cliffs makes some roads dangerous for anyone manoeuvering on them. Secondly, cars are prone to mechanical failure, which heightens the possibility of an accident. Many car owners resort to insurance policies to help them mitigate their financial losses when a car accident happens. The sad part is that some insurance companies will not settle your claims as fast as you may want them, or worse, compensate you for the losses. Some will even forego their obligations because of the mistakes you make during the insurance claim. Avoid these mistakes when making an insurance claim after a car accident: 

Saying Yes to Quick Settlement 

Most people often mess up their insurance claims by accepting a quick settlement with the other parties or their insurers. It is easy to fall for this because of the immediate hardship that comes after being involved in a car accident. High medical bills and potential loss of income can push you into accepting something that you do not deserve. Don't let the stress of the moment make you settle for less. Keep in mind that the injuries you suffered may require some occupational and vocational rehabilitation. The beauty of a full settlement from your claim is that it will cover a big chunk of these costs, if not all of them. 

Admitting Liability

Many policyholders also fall prey to accepting liability and end up paying for stuff that they should not. When you are involved in a car accident, stay calm and clearheaded and do not let the other parties push into agreements that you are particular about. Let relevant authorities, including police officers and insurance personnel, handle the situation. Your claim will not go through if your insurer can prove that you admitted liability when you should not have done so. 

Taking Matters into Your Hands

A good number of motorists forego the services of a lawyer when they make claims after a car accident. Big mistake. Engaging a lawyer in such matters eliminates all the advantages that the insurance company may have in trying to escape liability. Lawyers have adequate experience that enables them to safeguard your interests and help you get the settlement you deserve. Compensation lawyers can help their clients with the claims process. 

Failing to Seek a Second Opinion 

Insurers will often suggest the parties you should work with. When you need a doctor or therapist, they can point you in a certain direction. However, it is prudent to seek a second opinion from equally qualified specialists. It eliminates the possibility of being short-changed by your insurer.