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Accessing Legal Advice

Domestic Matters That Fall Under Family Law

by Leroy Duncan

Issues that crop up within the familial unit and have to be settled through legal channels are often emotionally charged affairs. Whether it is the termination of your union and you are at loggerheads with your spouse or not coming to an agreement pertaining to the custody of your children, having the court settle these matters does put a strain on your relationship with your former partner. Nonetheless, while divorce and parental custody are the most common issues associated with family law, they do not cover the scope of matters that fall under this type of law. As long as you are engaged in a dispute with someone that is considered either blood or legal relation, then you can seek the services of a family lawyer. Here are two other domestic matters that fall under family law.

Domestic abuse

Although spouses are the individuals that are usually associated with domestic abuse, it is crucial to know that these are not the only types of offenders under the law. Any individual that would be causing physical or emotional harm to another in a legally binding or blood relationship can be charged with domestic abuse. For instance, if your spouse has been hitting either you or your child or perhaps constantly emotionally abusing either of you, you can see a family lawyer regarding domestic abuse. It is also critical to note that a child can be abusive to an elderly parent. For example, if one of your siblings is physically abusing your aged, incapacitated parent, you can seek a restraining order to prevent further abuse. As long as you fear for your wellbeing, your child's or even your parent's, you can seek a protective injunction through family law.

Property division

Again, when some people envision property division in terms of family law, they presume that this is exclusively concerning the division of marital assets. Granted, asset division is part of the divorce process and, therefore, does fall under family law. However, there are additional instances that you would need the expertise of a family lawyer in domestic matters about property division. For example, if a relative of yours or your spouse's left property to you two but you only find out about this after you are divorced. Some individuals may not want to share that asset with their ex-spouse if it was coming from their blood relative. A family lawyer will be best placed to navigate this domestic matter for you or any other unconventional monetary issues that could come up.