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Accessing Legal Advice

Why You Need A Personal Process Server When Distributing Eviction Notices To Tenants

by Leroy Duncan

If you have never had to opt for legal recourse due to a dispute with another party, you may be unfamiliar with the work of a process server. These individuals are tasked with ensuring that any legal documents, such as a summons, a court injunction or civil action, is received by the person that it is intended for. If you are a property owner and some of your tenants are either defaulting on their rent or being problematic, you could be planning to evict them. Per the law, the tenant needs to receive an eviction notice if you are to eject them from your property legally. While you could hand them this notice on your own, you should hire a personal process server to carry out this ask for you. Here are just two reasons why you need a personal process server when distributing eviction notices to unscrupulous tenants.


As stated above, you could be thinking that the process of handing out an eviction notice to a troublesome tenant is as simple as giving it to them. The reality is that the law not only functions to protect property owners but it also safeguards tenants too. Thus, if there is any error committed during the serving process or if you make a mistake that goes against the law, you may end up having to leave the tenant in your property for much longer than expected. A personal process server, on the other hand, is well-versed in all the regulations governing the serving process. By hiring this professional, you can rest assured that your eviction notices will be served in accordance with the law.


If your primary reason for evicting one or more tenants is due to defaulting on rent, you likely want the tenants out of the property as fast as possible so that you can rent out the available space and get back to receiving income from your investment. But if you go about the eviction in the wrong way, you will likely end up having to contend with the problematic tenant for much longer than you had anticipated. When the process of serving eviction notices goes awry, the tenant has the right to seek legal recourse against you, too. As a result, you could end up not receiving any money from your rental property for the foreseeable future. When you enlist the services of a personal process server, you mitigate the risk of a delayed eviction process. Since these professionals are familiar with what steps to take, they are better placed to accelerate this process within the parameters of the law.

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