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Accessing Legal Advice

What You Should Know About Debt Collectors

by Leroy Duncan

A debt collector, just as the name sounds, is a professional who collects debts on your behalf. You, however, don't just hire a debt collector without first considering or attempting some debt collecting measures. This article will help you know the steps to follow when hiring a debt collector:

What You Should Do Before Contacting a Debt Collector

If a particular company owes you some money and it had promised to have paid the sum by a certain date that has passed, you should send friendly reminders to pay the debt maybe every two weeks via email or phone calls. This might work sometimes, but other times it may not.

If you keep getting excuses and empty promises and it looks like you are not getting paid anytime soon based on your evaluation of the situation, you can visit the company physically to find out what the problem is. If you are still not paid after the visit, you might need to send a letter of demand.

This is an official and serious step, so you should ensure that you have tried all other options before coming to a letter of demand. This letter states that you will take legal action if the debt is not paid by a particular date. The reason why you should give other options a chance before writing a letter of demand is that it might create a dispute between you and the company. It can even be the end of your working relationship with that company.

If the Company Does Not Pay

If the company does not pay after receiving the letter of demand, talk to your commercial lawyer and find out what you can expect if you hire a debt collector. Listen to your lawyer carefully so that you weigh your options. If hiring a debt collector seems feasible, do so.

What Are Your Options When It Comes to A Debt Collector?

The debt collector reviews your situation and gets to the root of the problem. It follows the same route you took (sending friendly reminders, visiting the company and sending a letter of demand). The debt collector is usually successful because he or she can represent you in court and, through experience, can make the company pay through legal means. You can either let the debt collector company buy your debt from you or represent you in getting your money back from the company that owes you and charge you a percentage of the amount. Consider the cheaper and most feasible option.

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