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Accessing Legal Advice

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help You?

by Leroy Duncan

You may need a divorce lawyer in two divorce case scenarios: during a cordial divorce (a divorce that is based on mutual agreement and there are no disagreements) or during a non-cordial divorce (a divorce that is bitter and full of disagreements).

Cordial Divorce

Since both you and your partner have mutually and amicably agreed to get a divorce, you can also cordially agree on sharing marital property. If you have children, you can make arrangements on how their well-being will be facilitated despite the divorce.

You might just need to hire a divorce lawyer to help you access divorce documents and lodge them. The divorce lawyer also draws an agreement for the divorce to make everything clear so that problems cannot arise in the future. Such agreements are legally binding, and if one of the parties is found to be in breach, he or she can land in legal problems.

Non-Cordial Divorce

A non-cordial divorce occurs when one of the parties is hurting because of the other party or both parties have hurt each other and want a divorce. Each party may also demand a larger share of marital property or even child custody. Divorce lawyers are needed to help cool things down and help with property settlement and child custody.

Property settlement

Divorce lawyers who work in property settlement have to assess different aspects before deciding on who gets what share of the property. The total marital property pool has to be determined, including assets and liabilities, then the direct, indirect and non-financial contributions have to be assessed to determine how each party contributed to the accumulation of the marital property.

The lawyers also check whether any party is sick or requires financial help because of being unemployed. If there are children, their education and livelihood are also assessed so that as the property is being shared, the children are cared for.

Child custody

In some cases, one party may want full custody of the children. A divorce lawyer who works in child custody has to look into factors that put each party in a better position for child custody or not. The well-being of the child or children is, however, considered first among other things.

Depending on the age of the child and what the child requires, custody is usually given to the mother and the father is usually expected to pay child support.

If it is found that the child's well-being will be at risk if custody is given to the mother, the father is given full custody. If the father is a low-income earner, then the mother is expected to pay child support.