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Accessing Legal Advice

3 Positive Decisions a Traffic Offence Lawyer Is Likely to Influence a Judge to Make

by Leroy Duncan

You thought that traffic violations are civil lawsuits? No, they aren't! Traffic offences are not different from other criminal violations, and that's why they are treated the same way. Whether you stopped at the wrong place, crossed the wrong lane, didn't signal when turning, made the wrong turn or over-sped, facing a traffic offence can be nerve-wracking. Without a traffic offence lawyer to handle your case, you risk increased insurance rates, suspended license, going back to traffic school, hefty fines, community service or even jail time.

However, hiring a traffic offense lawyer could influence the outcome of your case in different positive ways.

Reduced Penalties

Traffic violations come with hefty penalties that could affect your driving career in a big way. If you aren't fined, your driver's license could have increased punitive points. Neither of the two penalties is friendly to anyone who commits a traffic offence. However, when the punitive points in your driver's license increase, your insurance rates could also increase.

How long you pay those increased insurance rates depends on the punitive points the traffic offence attracted. If you committed another traffic violation within the period the punitive points remained increased, your insurance rates could increase further, or your license could be suspended. However, a traffic ticket lawyer knows what they could do to reduce such penalties.

Negotiated Alternatives

Although some alternative penalties are available for the traffic offenders, you get them depending on how well your traffic offence legal representative argues your case in court. Repeating driving lessons is among the alternative penalties your lawyer could negotiate for you. When you attend the driving lessons again, it becomes easier to get your ticket dismissed and delete the punitive points accumulating on your driver's license. Moreover, you significantly lower your car insurance premiums and ensure those punitive points don't accumulate any more. However, most traffic offenders who don't hire a traffic offence attorney to represent them don't know how to negotiate such alternatives.

Dismissed Ticket

Although lowering the penalties or negotiating an alternative sounds good, getting the ticket dismissed is the best option. However, your legal representative must work harder to make this happen. The traffic ticket can be easily dismissed if the ticket-issuing officer skips the court session. It could also be possible if you didn't oppose the probationary period or if you took a plea deal connected to a less serious offence. However, the judge might still expect you to pay some fines after the ticket has been dismissed, depending on the traffic ticket you received.

Although hiring a traffic offence lawyer could cost you some money, failure to hire one could be costlier and more regrettable. So you don't just hire a traffic lawyer based on how much money you have, but also on how they could help you reduce hefty traffic penalties.