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Accessing Legal Advice

3 Reasons to Get a Lawyer to Draft a Will

by Leroy Duncan

While you can use a DIY kit to make your own will, this isn't always a good idea. It is often a better idea to have a lawyer do this for you. What are the advantages of using a lawyer rather than writing your own will?

1. Get a Will That Works

If you have a relatively uncomplicated estate and life, then a basic DIY often works. However, this option is less useful if you have more complex needs.

For example, if you simply want to leave your home and money to your children when you die, then this isn't hard to organise. However, bequests are more complicated if you have a couple of marriages behind you and a blended family. Things like self-managed super funds and unusual investments also make things more complicated.

In the worst-case scenario, a basic will won't do what you want it to. The people you want to have your money may not get it; people who think they have a claim may contest the will.

If you use a lawyer to make your will, then you get expert advice. The lawyer can work with you to assess your financial situation and the things you want to happen after your death. They can help you achieve this by creating a valid will that holds up legally.

2. Get Quick Updates

Any will you write is a snapshot picture of your current financial and life circumstances. If these circumstances change, your will may need to change too. It won't necessarily reflect your wishes any longer.

While you can make a new DIY will, this probably won't be a priority for you. You may mean to write a new one but never quite get around to doing it. If you don't make necessary changes, then your money and bequests will be tied to your original will.

If a lawyer drafts your will, then they can easily make changes to your existing one. They can also give you advice on these changes if you need it.

3. Get Safe Will Storage

If you create your own will, you have to find somewhere to store it. You want the relevant people to access it after your death; however, you may also have concerns that it might fall into the wrong hands.

You can ask your lawyer to store your will for you after you draft it. You have the peace of mind of knowing that it is in a safe place.

For more information on getting legal help at this stage of your life, talk to a will lawyer.