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Accessing Legal Advice

What Should You Know About Pet Laws?

by Leroy Duncan

Just like people, pets are also governed by laws to protect them from cruelty and neglect, ensure they live a healthy and comfortable life and to ensure other people are protected from your pet. Of course, since pets are different, there might be pet laws that govern specific pets and others that are general. The following includes some of the pet laws you need to know if you want to keep a pet:

General Laws

These may include:

Pet and tenant laws

When searching for an apartment, you may have come across signs or notices reading "NO PETS ALLOWED". A landlord has the right to prevent you from keeping pets only if the pet can cause damage to fixtures and can disturb other tenants either by noise or allergies. Landlords may also include a no pets allowed clause in the tenancy agreement. If you sign the tenancy agreement and keep a pet, you can easily be kicked out of the apartment. Therefore, if you know that you want to keep a pet, find an apartment where pets are allowed.

Laws against cruelty and neglect  

You are expected to take care of your pet. This includes feeding, cleaning, providing suitable habitats, protecting them from animals that may attack them, taking them to the vet, etc.

Pet Specific Laws

These may include:

Illegal pet laws 

Before you get any pet, find out whether it is legal to keep such a pet in your state. Keeping such a pet is deemed illegal because the pet might not thrive when kept as a pet, they can spread various zoonotic diseases or they are an endangered species. Additionally, if you happen to find a way to keep an illegal pet, you might not find their food in the store. You might also not find a vet for them, not failing to mention risking fines and jail time (selling such a pet's food and offering veterinarian services for such a pet is also illegal). This means that you may end up torturing your pet from not giving them a comfortable life.

Pet housing regulations 

Different pets have different housing needs. They range from the size of the space they need, how clean you keep the house, whether they need time outside their house, etc. Your pet's housing should also be safe and strong enough to keep out prey.


Chipping is the act of tagging your pet. There might be laws that require pets like dogs and cats to be chipped so that if they get lost, they can easily be reunited with their owner.

For more information on pet laws, reach out to a lawyer in your area.