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Accessing Legal Advice

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Dealing With the Family Law Case

by Leroy Duncan

Family law cases can be stressful, and many people end up making mistakes. When a relationship breaks down, the first step is to use mediation to try and resolve it. When negotiation fails, then you will have to move to a family court. The probability of winning the case depends on how you handle the whole process. The article outlines some mistakes that could compromise your family law case. 

Failing To Disclose the Financial Situation

It is critical to open up about your current financial situation when dealing with a family law case. You should give details of all the income you receive from your business or employment. The court should also know about any financial interests you get from owned property. Apart from disclosing your financial situation, take the time to know the financial status of the other party. 

Being caught in a lie will show the court that you cannot be trusted. So the judge will less likely rule in your favour. 

Posting On Social Media

Family law in Australia discourages people from publishing any details of your family law case. Though you may want to go online and post negative things about your ex-partner, you will be breaking the law. That will also show the court that you do not have self-control. Therefore, that will end up negatively affecting your case. Try your best to stay away from social media no matter how tempting it is. Also, be careful when communicating with the other spouse. Texts and emails that you send during the heat at the moment could be used against you in court.

Discussing the Case with the Children

Your kids are sensitive and will discuss anything you tell them with someone else. They may tell other kids, their teachers, or other relatives. Avoid exposing the young ones anything about the case. Ensure that they understand you are doing the best to find a solution. Keep in mind that the whole process is not easy for them. Therefore, they will end up experiencing a lot of instability. Thus, it is your responsibility to protect them. Also, over-sharing and talking negatively about the other party will affect the court's decision.


The process of dealing with a family law case can be stressful. That is why you should seek professional legal help. Working with an experienced family lawyer will help you get the upper hand over the case. These experts will advise you on how to make your case stronger. They will also prevent you from making mistakes that end up compromising your case.

For more tips, reach out to a local family law firm.