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Accessing Legal Advice

How Seniors Benefit by Granting their Lawyer an Enduring Power of Attorney

by Leroy Duncan

Accidents and age-related conditions, such as Alzheimer's and dementia, can happen to seniors, although most do not like to think about such issues. However, it is crucial to think about what could happen if you can no longer make critical decisions by yourself. In a worst-case scenario, you could lose control of your finances and other assets. One way to retain control of your estate and financial status is by granting your lawyer an enduring power of attorney (EPA). An EPA allows a solicitor to act on your behalf on a variety of affairs should you lose the mental capacity to make the decisions yourself. This article highlights the benefits of granting your lawyer an enduring power of attorney. 

Clear and Better Decisions

Nothing beats the satisfaction of making decisions yourself, especially on matters that affect your daily life. However, it becomes hard to make sound decisions as age catches up with you, especially from the onset of age-related conditions like dementia. Making irrational decisions can have long-lasting effects, which is why you need a lawyer with an enduring power of attorney. Since they have the authority to make decisions on your behalf, an EPA ensures that they do so while prioritising your interest. 

Control on When to Effect an EPA

If you have always made the difficult and most critical decision throughout your life, it can be challenging to grant someone else that power. It might explain why most seniors are reluctant to hire a lawyer and give them EPA until it is too late. It is essential to note that an EPA cannot come into effect without your consent. Therefore, you can hire a solicitor and grant them enduring power of attorney in advance, but delay the date the powers go into effect. The ability to control when an EPA comes into effect is advantageous because you retain control of your decisions and only trigger it when you feel that you are losing your mental faculties.

Choose a Suitable EPA for your Situation

Most seniors believe that an EPA gives a lawyer decision-making power over every bit of their life. However, nothing could be further from the truth since there are two types of EPA; one covers health and welfare issues, and the other addresses property and financial affairs. Therefore, you can restrict your solicitor's enduring power of attorney to either your health or financial matters. That said, most attorneys recommend that seniors appoint at least two lawyers and grant each specific power.

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